Music Blogs (All Genres of Music)

Music Blogs (All Genres of Music)

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This blog list consists of over 3,700 blogs, websites, press, media outlets, and magazines that cover all types of music.  This list is for all genres of music, and is not specific to one type of music.  There is a separate list for hip hop and rap blogs offered here at Rap-Resources ($39.99) and that list is included inside of this list so you do NOT need to purchase both for urban music outlets. Choose carefully--there are no refunds or returns of any lists.

This list contains the names, addresses, email addresses, twitter addresses, and submission email addresses for over 3,700 blogs and media outlets that cover all different types music and they are listed by genre.

While getting mentioned on blogs and in the press is crucial to building or expanding your career, just adding these people into your email blast system is not beneficial to you.  Most bloggers don't open mass emails, so do NOT blast these 3,700+ taste-makers.  Your best approach is to do some research and see which writers at these publications and blogs cover your type of music, and then reach out to the people who can most benefit your career directly.  

You are purchasing one Excel spreadsheet of All Music Blogs and Media Contacts to download onto your computer.  The download link will arrive via email.  Choose carefully--there are no refunds or returns of any lists.